Posted on: August 16, 2010 1:48 pm

Hey NASCAR fans Dale JR. isn't no Dale Sr. -

To win in anything in life you need to have the will and the want to win. Now don't get me wrong this isn't going to be a Dale Jr. stinks post, but his is going to be the truth. Dale Jr. just doesn't show the heart that you need to win, Dale Jr. shows up every week and that is about it. I don't think his love is racing, I think he love is hanging out with the BOYS at his house, and just cashing checks from all of Dale Sr. fans who keep buying Jr. gear with the hope that one day he will be like his dad.
I am not even sure how sponsors would want Jr. in the car every week, the man can barely even put a sentence together when he is interviewed. Then after another loss weekend he tells ESPN that he doesn't even care about the chase, what.... come on Jr. be a man and do a interview like the rest of drivers or if you are that unhappy get out of the damn car and let someone else take the ride.

 If I was the owner of the #88 he would be in my office come Monday morning and we would be having a little talk. Jr is a driver who will finish around 15 -20 every race and a little higher when his Crew takes a late race gamble for better track position. Listen up people Jr. is no Dale, never will be, I bet you can put Kerry in that #88 car and he will do just as well as Dale. I am just sick of Jr. and his lack of respect for Nascar and for a job that he takes for granted. I think he suffers from depression, if I was a paying sponsor I would want off that car ASAP
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